Minimalist With This Ultimate Checklist

I’ve been a squeaky clean person all my life. If I were a table, I’d be a spotless table. If I were a piece of fabric, I’d be a plain white cotton shirt. Naturally, I’ve always hated mess- any type of mess mind you- not just materialistic, but messy feelings, messy lifestyle, and even messy opinions.

I just never knew there was a term for this. Turns out I’m a minimalist.

And I’m not alone.

Half the population in the world is a minimalist on different levels, while the other half is aspiring to become one. (I might have exaggerated a little here)

Are you looking for your cue to dive into the deep and *clear* blue sea of Minimalism? Whether you need a gentle nudge in the shoulder or a violent push from the back, I got you covered.

Let’s begin.

  1. You are instantly drawn to clear-headed people.
  2. Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean home. It’s contact lists, text conversations, camera roll, and bones in the closet.
  3. Simplicity > Hoo-Haa. Any-day.
  4. You make sure you don’t check out of hotel rooms without tidying it because you respect the hard work the housekeeping staff puts in.
  5. You have left a thank you note for housekeeping staff in a hotel.
  6. Thinking of the amount of text messages that have gone back and forth on your phone and the amount of unnecessary data floating around in the universe makes you…feel icky inside. Yes, you think about the data floating around in the universe.
  7. You never back-up your chats on WhatsApp, unless it’s important.
  8. You take it upon yourself to clean someone else’s clutter. Even if they didn’t ask for it and get annoyed at you for touching their stuff.
  9. You grimace every time you notice the total count of photos and videos you have in your camera roll and wish it wasn’t so high.
  10. “I like it” is not a valid reason for making a purchase and “I was bored” is not a valid excuse for shopping to you.
  11. You don’t keep gifts if you don’t like it/ don’t think you will use. You will shamelessly re-gift it. In fact, it will give you the utmost peace to know you have a gift just waiting for its the new owner and you won’t have to hunt for something to give them when it’s time.
  12. You love the concept of re-gifting and see nothing ungrateful or rude about it.
  13. At one point of your life, you’ve wanted to get onboard the whole garbage- segregation method to help the environment. Maybe you didn’t do it, but you’d love to.
  14. Your heart smiles when you read this: “This product is made from recycled plastic.”
  15. You have sifted through your closet and donated clothes to orphanages/thrift stores more than two times within one month.
  16. It gives you immense fulfillment to know that something you once used is now helping improve the life of a new owner.
  17. Souvenir Shops. Did you cringe?
  18. Fast Fashion. Did you cringe?
  19. You are very very choosy when it comes to shopping. You may put 100 items in your cart, but you will end up shortlisting it to 5 before checking out, and no, it’s not because of money.
  20. You don’t like to waste other people’s time.
  21. You don’t like to waste your time. if you sense that you could be doing something productive instead of whatever you’re stuck doing, you will flee the scene. or throw a fit about not being able to leave.
  22. Quality over quantity is not a phrase, it’s a lifestyle.
  23. Looking at influencers’ ginormous shoe collections/purse collections just leaves you with question marks over your head. You store ALL this? To wear them once a year? is it really that necessary?
  24. You will happily splurge on something if you see it occupying a useful place in your life.
  25. You don’t take much time to pack your suitcases and are super organized. You might pack 3 pairs of jeans, 50 tops, and 3 pairs of footwear, but because you know you will wear it, not “just in case” like a diva.
  26. You secretly dream of selling all your belongings and travelling the world with just a backpack on.
  27. You love leaving places neater and better than you found them.
  28. You have cleaned something that didn’t belong to you in a way that drew attention, and made people question your sanity. (I went to the restroom while waiting for food at a restaurant and ended up cleaning the basin with a tissue and hand soap. I was so into it that I kept at it for 20 minutes, and everyone at the table got worried. My mom had to come and get me.)
  29. You respect house-help and janitors. In fact, you will help them with their work when you can.
  30. You could go on holidays and vacations and not buy a single item if you don’t need it, but will happily carry around a brand new hammock that you purchased from the local flea market and will willingly put yourself through the trouble of packing and carrying it at the airport, because you know it is just what you need in your balcony.
  31. Too much choice makes you anxious. Similarly, too much stuff makes you anxious.
  32. You’ve had a full blown breakdown more than just a few times due to the mess everyone makes at home.
  33. You don’t gift things for the sake of it. Your number one criteria will be: “Will they find this item useful?”
  34. Your sibling/ parents/spouse just don’t get your penchant for tidiness and think you’re a little over-dramatic.
  35. You hate how fickle-minded you can be sometimes. You’d rather suffer a wrong decision than make no decision at all.
  36. You find cleaning fun and therapeutic. Why do people whine over it?
  37. To-do lists for everything. You love organizing the smallest events of your life because It makes you feel powerful.
  38. Whenever you’re angry/upset/want to be productive, your hands subconsciously start sorting things or you head to clean your closet, even if you just cleaned it last week.
  39. You judge the person you’re gossiping with for gossiping with you. Jesus, Do you have nothing better to do?
  40. You can’t imagine a life where you are not living a tidy and organized life.

And there you have it. My customized list of personality traits of a Minimalist.

If you’ve resonated with even 9 points mentioned here, you are a minimalist. There’s always scope to improve, but you’ve got the spark in you, so you’ll take yourself there sooner or later.

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