Missguided is Now Promoting £1 Bikinis to Sell Female Empowerment!

The environment and garment industry can look after itself, but who’s gonna care for you?

My Instagram feed today was literally the bomb.

Wanna know what I found? Missguided brand new cheap marketing trick, they’re selling a £1 Bikini!

I KNOW!! just £1!!

1 pound. When did a two-piece bikini become cheaper than a Mc Donald’s Hamburger? Just when you think Missguided cannot stoop any lower, they had to show us that yes, they, in fact, can.

Anyway, that’s great news.

What with this whole lockdown and people being laid off, this is a godsend for us girls who love shopping. I mean, now that I can barely make ends meet, would I even think of buying a two-piece that I don’t even need, now that I can barely venture outside a 5mile radius from home? Hell no! But if it’s just one pound, don’t mind if I do. I mean, it’s literally 1 pound, the environment might notice, but my bank account will not!

All my 22 years of life, my mother always chided me for being erratic, and always advised me to plan in advance. She would be so proud to know I purchased a bikini in advance for all the trips I will take once everything opens! This is such a steal. Speaking of which, maybe I should buy her one too, it’s literally the cost of my morning cuppa from Starbucks. I could totally sacrifice a day’s coffee for my mom, it’s no big deal guys!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking.
Is the quality of the fabric any good for a price that cheap? Is it only available in skinny girl sizes? What color options is it available in?

Come on guys! Do you really think a fast-fashion company will leave any stone unturned in turning us all into slaves of capitalism?

Of course, it’s available in all possible sizes you can dream of, and the quality is great enough for you to wear it at least 4 times! and after that, you can simply discard it, I mean, it’s one pound, it wouldn’t even hurt!

Just one thing though. It’s only available in black color. Oh also, it’s made of Polyester, which is non-biodegradable and can take up to 200 years to decompose.

But don’t let that stop you from buying this awesome blossom bikini!

The founder of Missguded, Nitin Passi has said this himself, “The £1 Bikini was priced to generate interest and we’re not embarrassed about it.” So why should we be either? To hell with this planet, let’s go ruin everything!

Missguided said they were “Introducing the £1 bikini — a one-off item to celebrate 10 years of empowering women to look and feel good without breaking the bank,” which sounds like a great statement, but one might think, “how is this hella cheap item all about empowering women when the very women who made this bikini are the among the most exploited in the garment industry?

I thought about it for a minute but everything got so overwhelming and confusing that I just gave up.

I know, I know, the whole Rana Plaza incident occurred only 6 years ago, it still breaks my heart to think about it, but what’s the point in dwelling in the past? We should pick ourselves up and move on, we’re just better off not thinking about it anymore. Isn’t that what all the fast- fashion companies are doing too?

So, girls, let’s go and treat ourselves, we deserve it. I’m sure you’ve all been breaking your backs just like me to get food on the plate these past few months, so listen to me when I say this is an investment in your future. Just imagine all the places you will go, with a cheap bikini that no-one will notice is harming the environment!

Just for this once, don’t give away your loose change to that friendly beggar on the street who’s obviously hungry. You can get yourself a brand new two-piece from it!

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